Bodyholiday St Lucia

Top Trips for the Solo Traveller

Going it alone has become very popular lately, especially for the single midlife female. Once seen as virtually impossible for a single lady in her 50’s to go and experience something that a 25 year old on a gap year would find standard, the middle aged woman has the world at her feet. The same is also true for the fella’s, who would usually struggle in a resort surrounded by families or gaggles of girls.

Today there are many options available. Hotel chains across the world are recognising that not everyone wants to travel as a couple, or a family, or a group. Sometimes people just want to do their own thing and not be penalised for it with a single supplement.

View of St LuciaBEACH LIFE

For those that like the 5* beach life, the star of the show has to be The Bodyholiday in St Lucia. Every September they open up their doors to solo’s everywhere and do no charge a single supplement. Groups of friends are also welcome and whilst families are not ostracised, the ‘couples’ holiday is not promoted.  The aim is to not let singles feel intimidated by the whole feel of being surrounded by couples or Honeymooner’s. Just because you wish to travel alone, you CAN enjoy a Caribbean deluxe holiday on your own.  The Bodyholiday has a unique approach to wellbeing with its promise ‘Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind”. The resort has an award winning Wellness centre, an exclusive skin clinic and body science centre. There is a Scuba shop and sailing school accredited by PADI and ASP offering official certification.

The Bodyholiday may subscribe to the view that guests can create their own well-being experience with fitness classes and an array of land and water sports, but do not be fooled into thinking that this resort will be all ‘juice and wellness’. The Bodyholiday also hosts an assortment of ‘take it or leave it’ group activities such as cocktail and dinner parties to sunset cruises.


Denali National Park, AlaskaGROUP TOURS

Other options for the solo traveller is an organised tour. Gone are the days when you think matching backpacks and high viz jackets, these, usually small group tours, are for the real adventurers amongst us. Whilst those that are a little physically challenged should not worry as there are tours available for all abilities, they can often travel to the corners of the earth where the standard package holiday will not reach.

Think Djibouti, Azberjian, Bhutan or Patagonia. These tours are all about gaining a real life authentic experience and can often include a home stay with a local (vetted) family so you can really experience the indigenous way of life. Group tours are often about making lifelong friendships with people that share the same wanderlust as you.